1. I hope she kisses you with
    the entire universe in her mouth
    so that you wake up with
    stars on your lips
    and a smile that
    drips constellations.
    — Y.Z. (via noteclue)

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  3. Bom vs Hwangssabu

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  5. I don’t want to be afraid of dying
    anymore, so show me that trick again,
    the one where we are reborn
    into bodies that know how to walk through the fire.
    — Caitlyn Siehl, "The Graveyard"   (via epikhi)

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  9. kaneto:

    spring break is officially over for me.

    photo taken by my boyfriend at Redondo beach.

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  10. Go for someone who is proud to have you.
    — Frank Ocean  (via classickiss)

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  12. RIP Talia Joy Castellano
    August 18, 1999 - July 16, 2013 

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  15. Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.
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